Name: Hoverware
Type: Wooden Cutlery
Year: 2012
Service: Product/Industrial Design
Weight: 215g/set
(Fork: 53g, Knife: 58g, Spoon: 62g)
Material: Sawo
Color: Varies
Measurements: Box:19.4cm(W)X10.1cm(H) X2.5cm(H)
Product:18.9cm(W) X0.95cm(D)X1.5cm(H)
Simple, innovative design can elevate everyday experiences.

Hoverware is minimally elevated by a small stand to prevent contact with the table tops – improving hygiene, saving excessive use of paper napkins. Each and every one of Hoverware is handcrafted with Japanese wood called ‘Sawo’. Sawo’s smooth texture compliments ergonomic shape of Hoverware. Also the beautiful color variation is unique to each piece, which makes each piece one of a kind.

Fit for use in any meal setting, Hoverware have been presented at 100% Design London and awarded Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013, Korea Good Design awards in 2012.
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